Cats Needing Homes

Here is Super Scampi, the brave mummy cat, who cared for her tiny kittens when they were all left to fend for themselves having been dumped out on a cold autumn night. When mum and kittens were found they were cold, filthy and malnourished. She had been pelted with stones by children when she and her kittens were living out in the wild with no shelter. Scampi is such an affectionate cat who dearly deserves to have lots of love and cherishing in a happy home after her brave efforts keeping her kittens safe and fed. Scampi will quietly nuzzle against you and if you are near her she will gently touch you with a soft paw on your shoulder hoping to have some attention. She is obviously only a young cat herself at about 18 months old and she loves to play games and pounce on toys with great enthusiasm. She would probably like a home with a calm cat friendly dog and another youngish cat as a companion. If you can offer Scampi a happy home with a safe garden away from busy roads, then please do get in touch with us for more details. Call us on 01803 266 321. She is in foster care with one of our dedicated volunteers in Cornwall. Our volunteers give our foster cats and kittens such love and care and provide them with lots of creative playtime, grooming and cuddles too. As a genuine and responsible animal charity, all our domestic cats are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, deflead and have a further vet check prior to rehoming - all of which will have cost our charity well over £130 for each cat we care for. We ask if you would kindly consider making a donation of £50 to our charity when you adopt a cat or kitten. Thank you!