Cats Needing Homes

Eva is 7 years old and currently an indoor only cat but she would be thrilled to have safe access to outdoors away from busy roads. She is not keen on being held, but will happily pop onto your lap and do her pushy-paws. Sometimes she likes to come into bed for snuggles. She is not keen on other cats, but she is not bothered about dogs at all. Ideally she is looking for a home where there are no other cats. She can be seriously playful and loves to play with paper on a string or her favourite, the laser light! Eva is very vocal, and will happily sit and chat with you in the hope the laser light will come out. If you would like some more information about Eva please call 07753 697 238. As a genuine and responsible animal charity, all our domestic cats are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, deflead and health checked - all of which would cost our charity over £130 for each cat we care for. We ask if you would kindly consider making a donation of £50 when you adopt a cat or kitten from us. Thank you.